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About Us

At SampleSite, we are obsessed with technology. Our goal is to be the most sought after tech consultancy. We dedicate ourselves to offer smart and spirited coverage of products and innovative solutions that shape our connected lives. Founded in 2000 by Cierra Vega, Alden Cantrell, and Pierre Cox, as of 2020, we now serve customers all over the US, and are thrilled to be a part of the IT industry.


Our Mission


Provide Security

Deploy access controls, SSO with SAML 2.0, two-factor authentication, secure APIs, Webhook authentication and a 256-bit encrypted content store.


High Availability

Improve your site and app reliability with a resilient cloud CMS, premium SLAs, world-class DevOps services and 24x7 support.



Provide instant access to your content anywhere in the world and guarantee performance via the most advanced CDN available today.


High Scalability

Scale with a decoupled architecture, eliminate database bottlenecks and automatically adjust your cloud infrastructure to match demand.

Our Story

People ask us all the time how {SampleSite} came to be. It’s simple, really. In the mid-2000s, despite the abundance of large tech conglomerates and specialist service providers, three friends decided to provide custom solutions to small time firms. Our approach to problem solving has always been the same regardless of how big the problem is. We love taking up challenges and more importantly, we are passionate at what we do. What began as a past time hobby, quickly evolved into a full time business catering to clients in the tri-state area. Months and Years passed by and we were providing solutions to clients all over the country with a few international clientele under our belt. Today we are one of the industry leaders in tech solutions with numerous awards to our name. And, we won't stop here. Our plan is to have a global outreach with an office in each major continent.

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Our Team

Meet our executive leadership team who, through their relentless hard work, vision, and drive, have helped build SampleStack into what it is today.


Cierra Vega

Founder and CEO


Alden Cantrell

Founder, CEO, and CTO


Pierre Cox

Founder, CMO, and COO


Thomas Crane